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c. 1938 Chase Brass "Planet" lamp by Walter Van Nessen - chrome ball with bakelite stripes.

Quantity:  1

Price: $450.00 (with shade)

Height:  18"

Width:  10"

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Pair of c. 1930 crystal candlestick boudoir lamps with green crystal - shown with 2 reproduction silk shades

Quantity:  2

Lamps: $155.00 (pair); Shades: $40 (pair)

Height:  17""

Width:  6 "

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Crystal block designer table lamp with marble base - shown with reproduction mica shade

Quantity:  1

Lamp:  $345.00

Shade:  $185.00

Height:  33 "

Width:   16"





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Antiques must be purchased by phone or in-store. Lightworks does not guarantee the availability of any fixtures shown on this page, and antiques may be sold at any time.




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The Antique pages are not updated regularly.

Items on these pages may no longer be available.

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We do not accept orders over the internet or via email.


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We will no longer ship floor lamps. They are still available on our sales floor.


We do ship table lamps, sconces and ceiling fixtures. Shipping prices vary for each item.


The height of many of our antique ceiling fixtures can be adjusted for an additional fee. Call us for details regarding a particular fixture.

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Unique c. 1920 Art Deco floor lamp with original mica shade and racing stripes

Quantity: 1

Price: $1,615.00 - ON SALE FOR $969.00 (40% OFF)

Height: 52"

Width: 14 "


























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