We offer many hand-applied, hand-rubbed finishes at Lightworks and a painted matte black finish. All our metal finishes are organic and biodegradeable and continue to patina and change with time, although those that are lacquered will hold up for a longer time in their original finish. Fixtures without lacquer have a more aged look and more variation in tone. Fixtures with lacquer tend to have a more even finish.

You may request an individual sample finish at no charge (1 request per customer, please).  If you need more than 1 sample finish, they are available at $5 per finish.  This amount will be deducted from any order of $200 or more received within 90 days of your request.

Some of our finishes are more complex and more expensive to produce, so an extra fee is added for those finishes. See the fixture descriptions for price breakdowns by finish. Samples of finishes are available on request.

Antique Bronze - (unlaquered) - hand rubbed

This finish provides a very authentic looking antique coloring. It is a dark brown finish, unlacquered, with obvious variations in overall tone. It continues to change with time and has an overall mottled appearance.


Bronze - hand rubbed

This finish is dark brown in color and always comes with an applied satin matte lacquer. It has a uniform dark brown color.


Bronze with highlights - hand rubbed

This finish is a Lightworks exclusive. This is a bronze finish with an applied satin lacquer. Raised portions are then hand-rubbed to expose the natural brass below. This finish also works well on mission fixtures where the edges of the square pieces are hand-rubbed for a sharp looking effect.


Dark Bronze - hand rubbed

This finish is darker brown (almost black) in color and comes with an applied satin matte lacquer and paint overspray. It has a unform very dark brown color. 


Dark Bronze With Highlights - hand rubbed

Another Lightworks exclusive, this finish is a very dark brown (almost black) finish with an applied satin lacquer and paint overlay. Like our bronze with highlights finish, raised portions are hand-rubbed to expose the natural brass below.


Natural/Raw Brass Light - Laquered

The lacquered version of our natural brass finish is nice and uniform and has a mellow gold color.


To Be Supplied

Natural/Raw Brass Light - Unlaquered

The unlacquered version of our natural brass finish is a non-uniform finish that mimics the aging process of brass and will continue to change with time. For another sample of how this finish has aged over time, see the Suzanne sconce.


Natural/Raw Brass Dark - Laquered


Natural/Raw Brass Dark -Unlaquered

bentley and hausler sconce

Old Brass - hand rubbed

This is a lacquered finish with an aged brass tone.

Gold Tint (Brushed Brass) - hand rubbed

This finish is similar to a lacquered natural brass finish but has a brigher gold (gilded) finish. A gold tint lacquer is used to get the look of bright gilding.


Gold Gilded - hand rubbed

This finish to a more brushed and deeper gold than our natural/raw brass finish.  This is a lacquered finish.

sheffield single

Burnished Brass - hand rubbed

Bronze and mellow gold (natural brass) in color, this finish comes with a satin matte lacquer and has obvious variations in tone. Basically, a bronze finish is applied and then hand brushed to get a burnished effect.


Polished Brass (available laquered or unlaquered) - hand polished

This is a bright brass hand-polished finish.  It is available with or without a gloss lacquer.  A gloss lacquer will keep the polished brass uniform in color and tone.  Unlacquered polished brass will patina over time.


Brushed Nickel Gloss - hand rubbed

This is a hand-rubbed nickel finish (there's actually silver in this finish) with a gloss lacquer.  This is a smooth finish and is well suited for bathrooms and kitchens and matches the hue of stainless steel appliances.

brushed nickel satin

Brushed Nickel Satin - hand rubbed

This is also a hand-rubbed nickel finish, but the finish is satin and has a more antiqued look. The finish has a smooth surface texture but may take on slight mottling with time.


Polished Nickel - hand rubbed

Another hand-rubbed finish from Lightworks, this finish has a gloss lacquer and is uniform in color and tone. It is less glossy than a plated polished nickel finish (see below), but as with most of our finishes, it is more environmentally friendly than a plated finish (to both human and planet).  Common to most polished nickel finishes, it has a bit of a gold hue.

polished nickel plated

Polished Nickel - Plated

This is a plated polished nickel version finish.  This is a durable finish that will hold up well in kitchens and bathrooms.  As with all nickel finshes, this has a more gold hue to it.

polished chrome plated 

Polished Chrome - Plated

This is a plated chrome finish that holds up well in kitchens and bathrooms.  As with all chrome finishes, this has a more blue hue to it.


Pewter - hand rubbed

The pewter finish has a dark gray tone.


Black Matte

This is a painted black finish sealed with a matte lacquer.


Antique Red-Brown - hand rubbed

A rustic finish with red and brown tones, this finish has obvious variations in tone and surface texture. This is an unlacquered finish that will continue to patina.


Verdigris - hand rubbed

This finish is meant to mimic copper that has taken on a greenish hue over time. The finish is a green/blue color over a dark bronze finish. Satin matte lacquer is applied to this finish. The finish has obvious variations in overall tone.


Polished Copper

Another specialty finish, this finish is available only on certain fixtures and on special request. Prices for this finish vary from fixture to fixture. Polished copper is a bright copper finish with a gloss lacquer applied and has a uniform copper tone. It is also available unlacquered and will eventually patina to a dark brown.


Other specialty finishes

At Lightworks, we can customize a finish for you if you supply us with a sample. The fee for these finishes depends on the finish you request and the fixture to which you need it applied.

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